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Reconnection Program

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So you have decided that you want to search for your family. But where to start? We will start with an intake and with the information that you provide us, we will set up a casefile. From here we can continue working on your case, starting with a thorough desk research.  

Family Search


We often get to hear "why would you search: it is like a needle in a haystack." discouraging us from starting to search at all. Yes, it may be exactly that. But that doesn't restrain us from trying. We have 25 years of experience in searching. We can say that we can find our way in that haystack quite well. With our network of local people we will be canvassing the area and only let go of it untill we have tried everyting to find what we are looking for. 

DNA Project


Whether you have or you dont have papers, whether they are correct or not, there is only one thing that we can be sure of: DNA doesn't lie. 

Shapla DNA & Family Finder is our own DNA project at Family Tree DNA. Why FTDNA? 

It is safe, it is secure, it is advanced, it is at large scale and therefore has a higher chance to find somebody. With FTDNA we can match with relatives untill the 5th grade. Even if 5ht grade is not really been considered as family, we may get small pieces of the puzzel in the background history. And you never know: sometimes only one small piece of information can help to solve the puzzle. 

Obviously the success of our DNA project depends on the amount of people in the database. Therefore we hope that all adoptees will join and that we are able to add as many Bangladeshi families as possible. #unite2reunite #familymatters

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We consider reconnection in different ways: you can get reconnected again with your origin, the country of your roots, the population, the culture. Or in case it is happening that we find a match, to get reconnected again with your original family. 

Only after no any doubts are left, in terms of matching facts either/or a DNA match, we will mediate in a reunification. 

Experience says: even if you do not have a bond yet, and even if you may not want to rebuild the bond, the knowing could already bring some piece in your mind or heart. 

Usually nothing is expected, just a meeting to see and hold each other. No words, no money, just BE. After all there are emotions from both sides. And the rest we will see.

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During the entire process we will be counseling you as much as we can. To anwer all questions you have, to inform about the occuring events, to prepare you for the odds, expected and unexpected, to support you whenever necessary. It doesn't mean that we know everything, but we sure do our best to advice you or give you suggestions for other experts.





Since we are facing quite some prejudices on being adopted, it is important for the entire group that our voices are heard and our rights are being advocated. The same counts for the families that have lost a child which often find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Their voices and rights need to be advocated as well. Only when we unite together, when we collect all tthe stories and bring them out, only if our voices are heard as a group, we may be able to get things done. Think about the access to files, the access tot information, cooperation in truth-finding, support in the DNA project and other activities, think about the right to our own identities, a better aftercare, access to professional aid.