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Even though we grew up within the family we were placed as a child, often feeling very much like the native population around us, we cannot deny the blood of our origin. Whether someone is adopted or not, the code of your identity is in your DNA. Therefore we advice all adoptees to make a trip back to the country of your roots at least once in your life. 

We have organized rootstrips in 2018, 2019 and 2020. If you are interested in going to Bangladesh, we can facilitate in your journey.



We are organizing informational meetings now and then for the onces who are interested in our activities. Some would like to meet other people with whom they can speak and find recognition. Usually social gatherings are organized on peoples own initiative, but we can also facilitate if somebody has a good idea but no way to organize it. 

Bangla language


For those who would like to learn Bangla, we are working together with a few Bangladeshi teachers who can teach you Bangla through an online education system. 


Bangladeshi kitchen


Sometimes we'd just love Bangladeshi food! Therefore we have developed a workshop Bangla cooking with a real Bangladeshi cook. If you are interested in this workshop, please contact us.


Cultural events


Regularly we are invited by the Bangladeshi communities to attend cultural events. It is always a pleasure to be warmly welcomed at for instance National Mother Language Day, Victory Day, Bengali Newyear, etc. All adoptees are welcome and accepted as Bangladeshi. 


One day we have been honoured by the Embassy of Bangladesh in The Hague for the work we do for the adoptees and Bangladeshi families:

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