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for free DNA kits for Bangladeshi families in search of their child(ren)

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Since we could say: no mother is loosing a child voluntarily, we know there is more to it. In most cases the mother, or even the whole family, is in a vulnerable situation. 

The families that have been found may still be in need of extra support. 

Do you have an idea for a project that support your family in a selfsupporting way? Then you can pitch your idea with us. In case the plan is feasible, we may be able to fund your project from our Family Support Fund.



A very good example of a family support project is the foundation of Motalib Weijters. As a 6-year-old Bangladeshi boy he was adopted to the Netherlands in 1977. At later age he was able to find back his family in 1994. For them he started the foundation to develop the land around his family's village in order to raise the quality of life for them and to be self-supporting.

More information on his project can be found here




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